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We believe in the transformative power of the right talent for business success. That’s why we’ve designed a suite of recruitment services that are as dynamic and adaptable as you are. Whether you’re a startup looking for your first hire or an SME poised for significant growth, we’ve here to support your journey.

Recruitment services offered

DIY Recruitment Kit Package

For the Do-It-Yourselfers

Our DIY Recruitment Kit empowers you to manage recruitment in-house. We equip you with all the tools you need to find the right talent, right away.

What’s included:
  • Job Description Templates: Professionally crafted and tailored for various roles.
  • Interview Questionnaires: Designed to evaluate candidates effectively.
  • Recruitment Process Guide: A step-by-step playbook for a successful recruitment drive.
  • Legal Compliance Guide: An overview of Australian recruitment laws and regulations.

Assisted Recruitment Package

A Helping Hand When You Need It

Sometimes you need a bit more than a guidebook. Our Assisted Recruitment Package offers personalized guidance and support, ensuring you never feel alone in the recruitment process.

What’s included:
  • All Features of the DIY Recruitment Kit
  • Initial Consultation: A one-on-one with a Kaizen HR expert to strategize your campaign.
  • Customized Job Listings: SEO-optimized hob ads to attract the right candidates.
  • Market Insights: Current trends, salary benchmarks, and competitor analysis.
  • Reference Check Guide: Conduct thorough reference checks with confidence.
Optional extras:
  • Interview Strategy Session
  • Onboarding Guidance

Complete Recruitment Package

Sit Back, We’ve Got This

Let us handle it all. From sourcing top-tier candidates to ensuring they’re a cultural fit, our end-to-end recruitment service is the ultimate solution for businesses that demand the best.

What’s included:
  • End-to-End Recruitment Management
  • Advanced Headhunting: We proactively search for top talent.
  • Talent Acquisition Strategies: Designed to attract the best candidates.
  • Access to Hidden Job Markets: We leverage our networks for you.
  • Dedicated Recruitment Specialist: Your own Kaizen HR expert.
  • Onboarding Assistance: Seamless integration of new hires.
  • Continuous Support: We’re here with you, even after the hire.
  • Hire guarantee: A perfect fit, or we replace them at no extra cost.
Optional extras:
  • Complete Onboarding for lasting results

The Kaizen HR Promise

Our recruitment services are designed to find game-changers who align with your unique culture. Our expert team partners with you, using strategies that ensure your next hire isn’t just a fit—it’s a win.

Don’t leave your recruitment to chance.
Choose Kaizen HR and ensure your next hire is a game-changer.

Your Talent. Our Mission. Kaizen HR.

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